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Online Blackjack

If you have ever done a bit of your own research into casino games, you are bound to uncover several competing ideas. There is no "silver bullet" that will ensure you are the winner every time you sit to play. However, there are a lot of strategies that are of varying effectiveness. Check out some of the most common myths that you are likely to see as you play blackjack and see if your methods are working as well as you hoped.

Card Counting Always Works

Card Counting is a system that attempts to predict the future cards. It cannot be correct all the time. When it is used correctly, this system is one of the best ways to mathematically improve your odds over the house. The fact is, most players who lose a blackjack hand are not properly implementing the "basic strategy" and "hit" when they should "stay".

The Dealer's Up Card is a Deuce

Some players have come to believe that when the dealer's up card is a 2, it is bad news for the player. This myth is total bunk. In fact, the mathematical statistics show players are more likely to lose against the dealer showing an Ace or 10. Stick to your basic strategy and you will have much more success.

My Win is "Due" or The Dealer is "Hot"

Some people let their intuition into the game and get a feeling that they are "due" a win. Others feel that they are losing because the dealer is on a great streak and getting great cards. These are myths, as blackjack is completely independent of every hand that is dealt. Also, the blackjack dealer has a set of house rules that they follow to the letter. If you find these words coming from your mouth while you are at the table, you may be frustrated, but there is no fact in this myth.


In blackjack, players are given the chance to purchase insurance. Insurance is a bad deal in almost all cases. If you do hit a blackjack, then the insurance will swallow 13% of your profit. Don't buy insurance.

Other Players Matter

Some blackjack players have come to the conclusion that their table mates can influence the outcome of the game. In fact, the opposite is true. If there is a player that is at the table with you and is completely unprepared to play at the level of others it can possibly effect the other players, but in the positive. Remember that, unlike poker, players of blackjack must only beat the dealer. Play blackjack with your best strategies in mind and forget all the bunk you have heard!