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Online Blackjack

This is a sweet little blackjack that is so fun. I say sweet little, only because the game uses only 1 deck of 52 cards in the game. With the deck number reduced so drastically, you have a great chance to make more educated guesses about which numbers are or are not going to show up again.

There are some fun rules in this game that seem to be a combination of other favorite blackjack versions out there. For example, a winning 21 blackjack hand only pays 1 to 1. If you get blackjack in the diamond suit, then it pays 2 to 1 on your wager. Those, however, are not the only winning hands possible. Like in Pontoon, if you gather a total of 21 points and use 5 cards doing it, then you are paid out 2 to 1. Nice, right? Well, this is even better – if you can draw 6 cards that still only total to 20 or less, then you beat a blackjack!

Other rules of the game include insurance is allowed. If you see that the dealer has an up card that is an Ace, you can put a side bet down in half the amount of your original bet. If you lose because the dealer blackjacks, then you are paid 2 to 1 on the insurance. There is no surrender, and players that begin a hand may not abandon it.

Splitting is allowed in Super Fun 21. Players can keep splitting their pairs and bets up to four hands. After you have split a pair of Aces, however, that is the last split allowed. If you would like, players are also allowed to double down after splitting their pairs. Double down is a side bet that is allowed on 9, 10 and 11. If you would like to double down, you will need to double the original amount you wagered. The dealer will only give you one more card to seal your fate.

As in all blackjack variations, you should be clear about the basic strategy of blackjack and even know how to count cards. If you are serious about your wagers, then these two things are necessary in every version of blackjack known.

Super Fun 21 Blackjack