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Online Blackjack

Long has the game of blackjack been a casino favorite. With strong strategy and consistent play, you can truly take away the house advantage. You only need to beat the dealer and not bluff with other players at the game. For these reasons, blackjack has happily moved into the online realm and is just as popular now as it has ever been.

On Land Blackjack

Blackjack on land is typically played a kidney-shaped table. The dealer is in charge of dealing from a shoe that can hold 6 or more decks. His bets are scripted as he plays for the house, and you can be sure that the dealer plays consistently every time. There can be as many players as there is room for at the table.

When you play games in the brick and mortar casino, you must recall the niceties. For one, no matter what happens, never speak badly to the dealer. It is not their fault for your bad hands, and mathematically speaking, a dealer being hot is a fallacy. Every time hand dealt at the blackjack table is independent of every other event. The dealer is the center piece of the game on land is will handle the cards and the money. It make the casino quite suspicious when you start handling these things, so let the dealer do their job.

There are some signals that are used for players to show when they want to stay or hit. Know these signals, or you can simply say the action you want. There are very few thrills in this life that can equal that of the casino action of a blackjack table.

Online Blackjack

If you have not been in the online casinos in a while, you will be amazed at the changes that have occurred in the last years. Online casinos were always the most convenient way for players to play blackjack. You can play at any hour of the day from any place you may be.

One of the great tools that players found from using the online casinos is the great chance to play with no money. You can set it to practice or tutorial mode and there is no money to pay or lose. This tool is the best way to perfect strategies and card counting systems. You can come to understand all of those unique betting options like insurance and splitting.

The newest innovation to hit the online casinos has been the chance to join a live game virtually. You can play in a game of blackjack that is a scheduled event. You join players from all over the world and play in a live game. The dealer is real and their actions are streaming live to you. Many times you are even able to hear all the real casino sounds and really get you excited, just as if you were there.

There are many reasons that players enjoy both online and on land blackjack. Check out these options to see which is a better fit for you.