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Online Blackjack

There are so many misconceptions about card counting in blackjack. You may be thinking, Card counting? I am no math genius; it's impossible! In fact there is a very simple system that you should learn if you are serious about being a winner at blackjack.

Card counting is not illegal; well not exactly. What I mean is that by law, counting cards is a mathematical system and it is not illegal. It is so effective, however, if a casino ever suspects you are counting cards, they will ban you for life from their casino. Counting cards must be done entirely in your head with no external devices whatsoever.

How in the world can I learn to count cards? I know, it sounds daunting, but in fact there is a very simple system that allows you to keep track of the cards played in the deck. Every time that you see a 10, Jack, Queen, King or Ace played, you give it -1 point. For a 2-6 played, you give it 1 point and 7-9 is 0 points. You only keep a running tally of the points that you assigned for these played cards in your head. This system is often called the Hi / Lo System.

Your running count is the total of points you see as cards go by. Your next step is to determine when you have the advantage to beat the house. To determine this, you must find the true count. To get your true count, you should divide the running count by the remainder cards not yet dealt. When your true count is positive, you have the advantage. When the true count is a negative, it is best to bet the minimum.

To implement the card counting system takes practice. Many professionals recommend that you sit down with a deck and start dealing to see what pairs will cancel each other out. After you have the principle down, free blackjack rooms are a great practice tool. Card counting is a very effective system, but it is meant to be used over the long term and you will still experience losing hands even with the perfect strategy. Practice and play consistently to use this most effectively.